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Real-world answers…from real-world experience.

Shari Levitin tackles the most urgent challenges in today's unpredictable business environment. 

Proven sales techniques to maximize the potential of all your team members.

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Shari’s unique perspective originates from her tenure as a top sales leader for more than a decade – followed by her extensive experience training and consulting with Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.

These wickedly funny, educational, and inspirational sales keynotes help your business deal with the challenges caused by:

  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Hybrid Work Environment
  • Selling Virtually

Shari provides her insights on these complex issues, and detailed frameworks to ensure your organization’s success.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

New York Life
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Our Most Popular Keynotes

Heartfelt. Insightful. Timely.

The Adaptive Seller

The Adaptive Seller >>

How to Sell the Way Customers Buy


StorySelling >>

How to Build Trust
and Boost Sales

Bridging the AI Gap

Bridge the AI Gap >>

How to Rehumanize the Sales Process

The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars >>

How to Effectively Train and Coach Your Team

Selling with Video

Selling with Video >>

How to Craft a Cinematic Sales Strategy

Real Results Delivered with Heart

We Speak to Your Needs

When we say “human connection” is the most important thing in the world of sales, we mean it. When you tell us about your audience, we customize our keynote to match their needs, motivations, values and goals. Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter speeches straight from the tin, and hello to meaningful speeches that resonate and drive real results.


A jolt of energy that motivates, energizes and rejuvenates… all done in an entertaining manner.


Meaningful lessons and real-world examples illustrate innovative solutions to today’s most complex issues.


Actionable tools and frameworks that can be applied immediately to achieve success – and repeat it.

We are on a mission to rehumanize the sales process… one keynote at a time.

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