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The Adaptive Seller

How to Sell the Way Your Customers Buy

Too many sellers focus on the sales process…rather than the prospect’s buying process.

The world is crowded with good information. But with it, buyers are experiencing a crisis of confidence. Sorting out the “need to know” from the “nice to know” can be a daunting task. Buyers not only lack trust in today’s sellers, but they also lack trust in their own ability to make a well-informed decision. The result? Buyers often resort to coping strategies that ultimately inhibit sound decision-making. Add to that the shift to hybrid selling made necessary as a result of the pandemic, and sellers are losing their ability to communicate value, differentiate their offer, gain buyer attention, and, ultimately, drive business growth.

Given our new virtual world as well as the need to leverage new technologies, it’s time to redefine the sales process: it’s time for a new focus, new tools, and better outcomes. It’s time to adapt our selling skills (our virtual selling skills). It’s time for...The Adaptive Seller.

The Foundation of Sales Success!

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Research recently released by Gartner reveals that sellers who help their prospects make sense of the available information, simplify the decision-making analysis, and help filter the available data (instead of piling on more data) significantly outperform their peers. In this keynote, sellers will learn how to adapt the way they:

  • Connect
  • Ask
  • Create Value
  • Engage

Addressing these four areas is the foundation of getting back to sales success!

The Details


  • Sales Metrics / Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are down
  • Difficulty building trust and gaining consensus with multiple stakeholders
  • Leaders are not effectively managing in the new emerging work environment 
  • Frustration with team members that are not reaching their potential
  • Lack of proven tools, resources & frameworks for managers/leaders to use
  • High turnover among the high performers

Key Takeaways

  • Engage with multiple stakeholders and gain consensus to expedite sales cycles
  • Articulate the four paradigm shifts sellers must make when selling in a virtual-first world.
  • Which sales communication channels are most effective at each step in the sales process, and determine when communication needs to be face-to-face.
  • Make a powerful ROI case with the buyer using the “Sense-making” framework
  • Eliminate customer coping strategies and biases, thus reducing buyer skepticism while increasing buyer confidence.
  • Eliminate common distractions to increase buyer engagement.
  • Differentiate product offering and stand out from competitors. 
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