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How to Build Trust and Boost Sales

Facts Tell...Stories Sell

Given the new hybrid work environment, declining attention spans, and the need to differentiate their product offerings, sellers need a better way to communicate and connect with prospects. They need a compelling set of stories that solve customer problems, overcome concerns and create urgency.

Many sellers think they know what a “good story” is, but when asked to tell a story, they usually do a description or an explanatory statement of their product or solution. 

Even with the best product in the marketplace, sellers will lose to an inferior product if their competitor's offer is communicated in a more compelling manner. Most sellers set aside the very communication method they learned, loved, and perfected as children. The best stories will lead to the best sales.

Effectively Connect and Communicate

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There is a specific 5-step framework to develop a great story. Sellers must commit to developing compelling stories (using this framework)…practice them…and repeat them.

The Details


  • Better way to address objections
  • Changes “emotional state” of meeting
  • Improve connection & trust with prospects 
  • More memorable and holds attention better 
  • Facts, stats, and ROI numbers can actually decrease credibility & trust
  • Make complex concepts more relatable
  • Method to discuss & address competitor issues
  • Enhance memory retention

Key Takeaways

  • Develop captivating stories that grab the attention of prospects
  • Incorporate storytelling techniques into the sales presentation
  • Overcome objections through storytelling
  • Create emotional connections
  • Avoid the five storyselling mistakes
  • Techniques to make messages/stories more memorable
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