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Selling With Video

How to Craft A Cinematic Sales Strategy

If a Picture is Worth 1000 words, what is a video worth? Turns out...A LOT!”

In a world gone increasingly virtual, customers are constantly bombarded with facts, figures, hyperbole and misinformation all posing as relevant insight. The average human consumes 74 gigabytes of content (equal to 175 newspapers) PER DAY. Distinguishing fact from falsehood and meaningful information from meaningless noise is exhausting. No wonder customers either deadlock or default to the status quo.

Sellers who adapt – who help make sense of the information, simplify the process and tune into the emotional needs of their customers – significantly outperform those who continue to pile on data. Using video builds trust, saves time, reaches more stakeholders, and simplifies the buying process for customers. Potential buyers are 3x more likely to open and view a video than read an email.

The Best Way to Reach Prospects

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Video offers sellers the best opportunity to break through the noise and stand-out, yet most of them don’t know how to use video effectively.

Learn four key strategies to adapt and accelerate sales in this new hybrid world, how to create compelling videos with great messaging – and when to use video to maximize its impact.

The Details

What We're Solving

  • Difficulty reaching prospects with traditional marketing efforts
  • Problem gaining access to all relevant stakeholders/decision-makers
  • Need better method to build relationships & trust with prospects
  • Prospects are having difficulty understanding products & features 
  • Prospects are having difficulty differentiating your product and competitors
  • Seeking tool to assist prospects in making faster decisions

Key Takeaways

  • Differentiate your offer and increase your pipeline 
  • Focus on the specific aspects of your product/service that is most meaningful to prospects
  • Quickly and efficiently create video content that helps close deals
  • Clarify complex problems
  • Transform abstract concepts into relevant, compelling insights
  • Offer prospects just enough information for them to make a buying decision
  • Create a consistent, coherent, and convincing narrative throughout the sales process
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