Sales Keynote

Bridging the AI Gap

How to Rehumanize the Sales Process

We need to do everything ChatGPT, Alexa & Google can’t do.

The challenge in today’s fast-paced world isn’t accessing information – it’s filtering it. The explosion of AI content, coupled with the fact that the average attention span of first-generation smartphone users has decreased from 30 seconds to 8 seconds, provides real challenges for sellers trying to effectively connect, share, and obtain the attention of desired prospects.

We need to focus on what ChatGPT, Alexa and Google cannot do: the unique abilities of humans. Only humans can C.A.L.L: Connect to build trust. Ask questions that uncover customers' core emotional motivators. Listen to the emotions conveyed behind the words. Link that information to a better future.

Learn How to Sell the Way Customers Buy

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In this keynote, you'll learn how to overcome the challenge of a distracted audience by connecting to your customer’s values, identifying the emotions behind your customer’s words, and asking three levels of questions (Skin, Bone, and Heart questions) to understand why people buy.

The Details

Why companies need this training?

  • Sales are down or not growing as forecasted
  • Big sales goal going forward
  • Inability to build trust and emotional connection with prospects
  • Sellers leading with products rather than problems
  • Sellers struggling to uncover customer problems and emotional reasons for purchasing
  • Fear of A.I./technology replacing sellers
  • Failure to grab and keep the attention of prospects
  • Need change of mindset

Attendees Will Learn

  • 3-Levels of Discovery Questions (Skin / Bone / Heart)
  • 7 Emotional Motivators that Drive Decision-making
  • CALL Method: Connect, Ask, Listen, Link
  • The Linking Formula (linking your product to the problem)
  • 5 Elements of Building Trust
  • Help prospects filter information
  • Discovery process that uncovers WHY people buy
  • The ability for sellers to close more deals faster

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