Sales Management Training Masterclass

Course: The 4 Pillars of an Effective Sales Coaching and Training Program.

It's Showtime in Real-Time!

Get access to a year's worth of Shari's professional sales training content and learn how to use it to help the Rest be as good as the Best!

In this sales manager training masterclass, you'll get access to Shari's proprietary library of sales training content. You'll become certified in techniques that instantly strengthen your influence, inspire your team, instill a passion for growing - and, most importantly - take your team to new levels of success!

Catapult your career and elevate your team's success.

Learn from Your Peers

Network with your peers in multiple industries across the globe and learn together as they share real-life solutions to everyday sales challenges.

Create a Strategic Plan

Develop a consistent, cohesive selling machine based on the 4 pillars of effective training: Education, Entertainment, Facilitation and Coaching.

Get Tools and Coaching

Gain access to one-on-one coaching and hundreds of online learning modules, workbooks, video lessons, and more to make 2023 your best year yet!

Improve Sales Performance

Help sellers move deals through the pipeline faster while reducing the time it takes to develop your training program. 

Strengthen Your Culture

Create a culture of learning and development that increases the retention of star players.

What's Included

5 Live Online Sessions

Dates: Sept. 14th, Sept. 28th, Oct. 12th, Oct. 26th, and Nov. 16th, @12:00-1:30 EST

Complete Courseware

Access to Levitin Learning’s complete courseware, including 4 most popular workshops.

Shots of Shari

50 videos to guide your weekly sales meetings for a year!

Invitation to Utah!

Invitation to Showtime LIVE in Park City, Utah.

All-New Training

“Sales Meetings in a Box,” our new Managers Toolbox Series, with interactive exercises and video lessons.

Exclusive Community

Real-time engagement with your peers through our exclusive members-only online community.

Who Should Attend

If you aspire to be the best sales trainer or leader possible, then you need to be here!

Who Should Attend

This sales management training masterclass is for any individual or team who is directly responsible for managing, training, motivating and developing salespeople on a daily basis. If you’re already a competent trainer, the 4 Pillars course will give you the online tools, frameworks, workbooks and interactive exercises you need to up your game and keep your message fresh.

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*Limit 5 registrants per company.


Hear What Graduates Say

"Gave me more time to have a life!"

I’m a great trainer, but I have a day job. Having access to hundreds of Shari’s videos, Manager’s Toolboxes and the diverse insights in the Showtime in Real Time community gives me the tools I need to diagnose challenges and grow my team. Not to mention, it gives me more time to have a life! 

~ Sean Harrison Vice President of Sales Travel Resorts of America

"Inspires us to do what we know we can do."

I simply cannot believe how far we have come in a few classes! We are extremely lucky to have Shari show us new techniques and inspire all of us to do what we know we can do. A great program.

~ John H. Dietrich, Sales/Training Staff Manager, Hilton

"We've chosen her book as our textbook."

Shari has been invaluable to our Harvard Professional Selling course. That’s why we’ve chosen to use her book, Heart and Sell, as our textbook. Her “universal truths” are invaluable for sellers and trainers at all levels. They are timeless. Shari has ‘rare talent’  for sales training as well as life training. I am grateful to know Shari and appreciate her wisdom and joy. I enthusiastically recommend Shari to any organization who wants to improve its sales effectiveness.

~ John Westman, Harvard Strategic Selling

"Shari nailed it!"

A HUGE thank you THANK YOU. The feedback has been AWESOME!! Our VP of Sales forwarded me his notes directly, and I then forwarded that to all of the supporting leaders in the company. They all thanked me for choosing you and this program and making this happen. You REALLY hit the mark with some tweaks from Sr. leadership, and you nailed it! I cannot thank you enough!!!

~ Christine McCarthy, Sr. Director Dell Technologies

Join the masterclass to get hands-on learning experiences to help broaden your abilities and solidify your sales leadership stance.