The Adaptive Trainer

How to Build High-Performing Sales Teams in a Hybrid World

Is your Virtual Training Falling on Deaf Ears?

Since the pandemic, over 50% of sales teams work in a hybrid environment. And while selling alongside your dog and sleeping in a bit later has its perks, new research reveals the difficulties sellers face when it comes to remote learning: 

  • 70% of sellers find remote training challenging due to the absence of face-to-face communication and immediate feedback.
    Sales Performance International
  • 63% of sales professionals believe virtual training is less effective than in-person training in terms of interaction and engagement. 
    CSO Insights
  • 42% of salespeople struggle to maintain focus during remote training due to distractions in their home environment.
What's the solution? 
Download our new ebook, "How to Build High Preforming Sales Teams in a Hybrid World,"  NOW and learn to:
  • Incorporate the 4 seismic shifts to training in a virtual word
  • Increase Employee Engagement whether live or in person
  • Produce Virtual Training rock shoes on a shoestring budget
  • Create mini modules that get instant results

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